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Hello! It's been something like a year and a half since this group was last officially moving and shaking, but guess what? We're back! Today I really want to share with you some reading that I recommend for anyone concerned with the issue of abortion - whether for it or against it.

Compelling Interest
Compelling Interest: the Real Story behind Roe v. Wade is a very eye-opening look into the origins of legalized abortion in the United States. The back of the book reads:

"In Compelling Interest, Roger Resler takes a careful look at the real story behind the historic Roe. v. Wade decision by drawing on original sources, including the transcripts for oral arguments...
This carefully researched book speaks with at thought-provoking, balanced voice that will challenge your thinking on abortion no matter where you currently stand on the issue."

I've only made it through three chapters and I am already astounded by the reality of what actually took place leading up to and within the Roe v. Wade case. Whether you classify yourself as pro-life or pro-choice, I would recommend this reading to anyone who wants to get down to the core of this issue.

Group News
Since no one has been active as an administrator of this group for a while now, a lot of you may have submitted membership requests that never got answered. This is because membership requests expire if the administrator is inactive. Fortunately, I'm back online, so if you would like to submit new membership requests, feel free. I won't leave you hanging this time. Thanks for you patience with me personally as I jump back into the business of pro-life blogging.
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Our mission at StandforLife is to unite members of deviantART will stand up for the lives of the unborn. A person is a person, no matter how small.
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Feb 13, 2011


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About StandforLife

Anyone, regardless of nationality, political party, race, age, gender, or religion is most welcome to join this group if you want to be an advocate for the lives of the unborn. Just send us a membership request and let us know in your message that you value the sanctity of life.

Art Submissions
Art submissions of every kind are welcomed. At present, due to the small size of the group, submissions are unlimited. We're looking for works of art that celebrate and advocate the sanctity of life. :)

As those who stand for the sanctity of life, let us not only speak up for the unborn, but conduct ourselves towards all human beings, whether they're for abortion or against it, with honor and respect. Abortion tends to be a heated issue, but there's no need to be disrespectful and hateful towards others when we don't see eye to eye with them. Please refrain from profanity and insults, whether you're against abortion or support it.

Thank you!

Links and Resources
That's Abortion:
Abortion Blackout:
LiveAction on Youtube:…
Secular Pro-Life:








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ass-pen Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"life is determined by your electroencephalogram, or EEG. If you no longer have EEG, you are "Brain dead" which is considered the legal, medical and scientific definition of death, despite your beating heart. Brain death is the final cessation of activity in the central nervous system. Those who are brain dead show no clinical signs of brain activity including no response to pain and no cranial nerve reflexes.

this means an organism (such as a fetus) is not "alive" due to the lack of EEG. the fetus has no feelings and cannot feel pain. therefore by definition, a fetus cannot be murdered, only disposed of. by scientific and medical terms, abortion is NOT murder.
:iconskyflys:… this is what happens when we make abortion illegal. A fetus is not a human, it is the mother's right to decide if she want's to keep it or not, having an abortion is not an easy thing and people do it for different reasons that you can not possibly understand.
While I have to disagree with you a fetus is technically human since they have human DNA but I digress. I don't think anyone is trying to make all abortion illegal. I'm sure they would make exceptions for special cases like rape, incest, to save the mothers life, if there was a miscarriage gone wrong and whatnot. At least the reasonable pro-lifers anyway. 

Can you believe the savagry the abortionists promote even towards the already born?…

Gosh that was disgusting. They make me ashamed to be a woman and make me wish I was a boy. 
That is ironic because I have seen so much of the abortion promotion from guys when they claim to support "choice" when they are sexually perverse and I wished that I was not a man at times. In fact, I think men struggle with sexual temptation more than women so consider yourself fortunate in some ways. This is not about gender so don't be ashamed of being a woman. This is about support for morality.
Ah you are right. And yeah i guess so. 
Violetthefox0001 Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Forgive me, I forgot to elaborate in my request to join the group that I value all human life. Humans need to be understood. I feel this can be accomplished through joining with all of you.

Who knows, perhaps it was fated...
samanthalindholm Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No problem. This group has been on a long hiatus, so all requests to join have expired before I've approved them, but feel free to send the request again and I'll approve it. Sorry about that!
Violetthefox0001 Apr 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's fine, I'll do that ^^
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